blargablarga (blargablarga) wrote in makingthings,

Jolly Roger & Sea Stars Earrings

Jolly Roger & Sea StarsThough the origins of this symbol are questionable, today it serves as a symbol for both piracy and poison. Use this double onton to declare your love of the open sea, danger, or just to upset the musical associations!

Likewise, before the days of GPS aps that were readily available, sailors, both pirates and otherwise navigated the seven seas using only the guidance of the stars. The never-changing waves could not provide the guidance that the stars could. Even today, many people believe that the stars hold power over individual lives, so harness that power!

In warm tones, this gem has a distinctively feminine edge, with a touch of danger. It is said that the goddess of the sea becomes jealous of female sailors, so give her something to be jealous about! Perhaps the toxins that were saved by recycling this plastic, rather then deposited in her home, will mellow her out a little. Most plastic in these earrings is actually recycled from packaging, that would have wound up in a dreaded landfill.

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