blargablarga (blargablarga) wrote in makingthings,

Vintage Flop Bunny

This little bunny has had a difficult beginning in life; his first 40 years or so were spent in the unfortunate position of a pair of stockings. What happened to him before he found his way to the vintage store is a mystery; but as soon as I saw him, I knew that he needed to be freed from his previous functional use; to find a form more pleasing to the new life that he deserved.

Made from primarily recycled materials, save for the new thread and stuffing, this little bunny would make an adorable addition to any animal collection. His eyes are sewn securely and should not, to the best of my ability, prove to be a chocking hazard. I have trusted toys of this type to everyone from newborn infants to adults, and have had no complaints. :)

This gray fabric is reminiscent of the velveteen rabbit, without, of course, the velvet. ;) Though the flop bunny had a difficult start, he doesn't want to be judged by his past. He is desperately searching for someone full of love and compassion, possibly even someone who appreciates his recycled skin, and understands that his fluffy center is as soft and cuddly as any NEW bunny.

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