blargablarga (blargablarga) wrote in makingthings,

Glass Bead Alligator Earrings

Gator EarringsHere in the States, Gators are known as gentle giants, and unlike Crocks, do not regard humans as a food product. quite the opposite, there are laws in place which restrict the feeding of Gators, because it is really easy for them to associate humans with food, and stop hunting, becoming general nuisances, not to mention upsetting the natural balance. These creatures have survived some 200 million years, and as such, have gained a reputation as a "living fossil"; indeed, individuals within the species can easily live as long as humans, pushing 80! These remarkable critters will usually attack only when provoked, and could certainly teach us a thing or two about longevity and a healthy lifestyle. ;P

These earrings are created from glass beads and wiring; perfect for everyday wear!

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