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Recycled Blue Jean Purse

Recycled Blue Jean Handbag
This is my first post, so I'm not exactly sure what to say. I have always enjoyed making things and just wanted to see, I suppose, if anyone else liked them at all. This purse I made out of a pair of old jeans, all hand-sewn with a cotton lining. I loved the decorative ties on the side, and immediately thought that it would make a cute handbag because of all the little details. I used the legs for straps, as they had a beautiful quilted look; and I thought that the 5-pocket design would be good for a handbag, because it already had a good deal of built-in compartmental storage for things like cell-phones or game systems. The zipper was actually pretty difficult to find (I'm in Appalachia, there are very few big cities in which to get special parts, everything that I could find was plastic). I like it, and I was just kinda wondering if anyone else did. ;)

I thought that I would try and make a little extra money on my crafts since I lost my job recently, so I set up an Etsy shop.  It's .  Has anyone else used etsy?  Had any luck?

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